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People are becoming poorer and poorer
Prices of Junk Food, Junk Fashion, Easy Medicine and Junk News are falling down every year or worse are free. So you can buy how many t-shirts, hamburgers, ice creams or cakes, read on line newspapers o look at every sport or news you want while the prices of very important things like houses, life and health insurances, private retirement plans, good universities and cars are growingperhaps you are not anymore able to afford them
The middle class is struggling to not disappear in many countries farmers are struggling to survive but they can try to compensate with sugar and stupid pleasures that take them to a lot of diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular problems or sometimes cancer…
So new dependencies are coming: medicines ones, consumerism, food, the internet.

Good information good understanding of nutrition and of our real needs and a return to democracy and good politics should be the cure. We are farther from that every day.

It is a new kind of slavery, we are nothing more than a number separated from the others behind a screen like fishes in an aquarium. We are animals waiting to be slaughtered.

There is a good news there are a lot of people that are reacting to this status quo so we are not alone… Educating ourselves and our children will be the greatest value for us and for our progenies…

Photo journalist should try to tell stories about that and to awaken people from their dreams before they will become nightmares. So more stories near us not only exotic wars.

Here you can find a good start:

Chomsky, Junk News, Photo Journalism

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